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Anti-category, Ritual, Carnivalesque

24 September 2020

Albin Werle
Arianne Churchman
Desmond Church
Anna Margrethe Pedersen

MAGICK is the final exhibition in the five forms of play series. It is the big reveal, the final transformation, or weirdest trick. A group exhibition gathering four professional artists : Anna Margrethe Pedersen, Desmond Church, Arrianne Churchman & Albin Werle to present artworks that consider Magic as a category of play & Art as a form of Magic.

MAGICK is the wild card, it is the anti-category that does not conform to a single definition, it is the carnival or ritual that transforms everyday reality into something fantastical but temporary and ephemeral. MAGICK is a transmutation of objects, ideas and realities from one state into another, it is the quickest way from zero to infinity breaking the laws of physics by allowing an unequal transfer of energy. Changing matter into something else, or performing the illusion of change, is when Magic actually works. Art is Magic.

Photo credit: Lena Bergendahl

With support from:

Celsius Projects, Celsiusgatan 45, 212 14 Malmö