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Liv Strand

Dear swarm-I, a room swarming of we-me-s
February 2022

Dear swarm-I, a room swarming of we-me-s is the installation of a text piece. It forms a room with large papers to read. How does one read their way through a room? Paper and documents carry different meanings in our lives, here the reading itself becomes a way of tracing and connecting intentions. Large amounts of paper pass through our hands: agreements, letters, instructions, notes, books. The texts in the exhibition Dear swarm-I, a room swarming of we-me-s have been written by the artist and suggest various exchanges.
It's about how one is created in inspiration of and in friction with others - people, phenomena and things.Paper as a material is affected by handling, if it breaks a fold is imprinted. How the light falls over the surface tells about fibers, roughness and can create transparency. The papers in Dear swarm-I, a room swarming of we-me-s have hand-printed text and come out of a year's ongoing printing process. A version of the installation will inaugurate a new art platform CPR² in Brooklyn in April.

Photo credit: Lena Bergendahl

In connection with the exhibition's finissage, Liv Strand and Marcus Doverud perform the collaborative project veckad rytm.

In veckad rytm, the sound of the paper is inserted into a rhythm-creating practice that Marcus Doverud invited Liv Strand to. In care of practices who complicate virtuosity in relation to playing and listening. They mix competence from different traditions, which forms improvisations that highlight sonorous phenomena and crossing relations between sound and movement.

veckad rytm have earlier performed at Weld and Farstahallen in Stockholm. Marcus and Liv have collaborated for more than ten years, which has resulted in several performances and writing of the book Viformation.

Liv Strand is in her art engaged in thin materials such as paper, sticks, sound and veneer. And in how the surfaces and their communicative messages are interpreted visually and understood, through social - rather than individual - negotiations. Her work addresses knowledge sharing and thought structures that affect understanding in a temporary social body (accumulation). The works of art take the form of installations or performances that want to draw attention to the processes involved when we really grasp something, perhaps just for a moment. 

Strand has a degree from The Royal Institute of Art and has exhibited and presented performance works at institutions such as Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen; Haus am Waldsee, Berlin; Depot, Istanbul; Norrköping Art Museum; Workshop, Norrköping; Krognoshuset, Lund; Blåstället, Angered och Weld and Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Marcus Doverud works as a dancer and choreographer and appears in performance contexts in Sweden and internationally. Doverud's work is characterized by connections between bodily, spatial and aural expressions and different approaches to these. Choreography and musical composition touch each other in scenic negotiations. Working with densifications in culture opens up, Doverud believes, for new ways of understanding, perceiving and being together. Hudjaget and Publikmusik are examples of large-scale productions he has initiated and invited choreographers, dancers, musicians and artists to work in.

Marcus Doverud has put on several solo performances in Sweden and abroad. Doverud is based in Stockholm and is educated at the Theater Academy in Stockholm's mime program and has also studied aesthetics and philosophy at Södertörn University.

With support from:

Celsius Projects, Celsiusgatan 45, 212 14 Malmö