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Vertigo, Whirlpool, Altered Perception

17th January 2020

Sidsel Christensen
William Darrell

Fie Norsker
Nina Nowak

iLiNx was the fourth, and penultimate, group exhibition in the Five Forms of Play series. We are in the vortex now; slowly being sucked into oblivion, the edge of the precipice, losing sight of reality as we become immersed within an alternate state... ILINIX is a category of play that relates to Whirlpool, Vertigo & Altered Perception.

This exhibition title is ILINX, which is Greek for whirlpool, and is a type of play relating to a dissociated state that is often a part of playfulness. Think about a small child that spins around and aroud until they fall over from dizziness, or a rollercoaster that sends a surge of adrenaline and fear, or drinking so much alcohol that you get up and do a karaoke version of the Popcorn song.

The vertigo of playis often seen to be a form of escapism from reality, the whirlpool is the state where you become immersed in a playful act and reality becomes blurry; like the state reached through drugs, VR, roleplay, or sober lo-fi deep imaginative acts.

When we escape pervasive reality where do we end up? Can we reconnect and re-circuit our memories from the present and past to create a new future? This worlding of new places to be together is a vertiginous act of creation that can leave us dizzy but as we enter into a new decade perhaps we need to flush some parts of pervasive reality down the proverbial wash closet.

Photo credit: Lena Bergendahl

Celsius Projects, Celsiusgatan 45, 212 14 Malmö