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Ellinor Lager

tend extend extract tract

October 2021 

Ellinor Lager's sculptures, her mnemes, are insistent effects of an altering experience. A common yet extreme experience through which mnemes come to reside somewhere between words. Where does the line between memories and instinct go? Experiences picking up on inherited memories, extreme bodily experiences, rearranging one’s being, with such power, such potential, that it is constantly put in brackets, hidden in the quotidian; Hidden or hiding? Here it forms its own language; twitching in memory, within the body, in between words, between cells, in the folds, the folds where life unfolds, slowly until it unleashes a contraction to be catapulted into the world; into a world of form, of bodies, of material, the mnemes contracting their way out of the brackets, putting forward statements, statements in form and material, insisting on a place in the realm of language. This is the language that Lager extracts from experiences folded in her, forwarded in movement, in the body forming other bodies into a body of work, working on breaking the brackets.

Text: Tina Kryhlmann

Photo credit: Lena Bergendahl

With support from:

Celsius Projects, Celsiusgatan 45, 212 14 Malmö