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Celsius Commons

Performances & pop-up exhibition
August 2023

Performances by :
Sigrid Holmwood
Catherine Morland
Francis Patrick Brady

This short pop-up project brings artists and their work from a project about the ‘commons’ undertaken at the Museum of English Rural Life, in Reading, UK between 2020 to 2022. The idea of ‘the commons’ has a particular history in England, and areas of British colonialism, such as Australia and the United States. Originally referring to land which ‘commoners’ were allowed to use in restricted ways e.g. for grazing and gathering firewood, it has more recently become a political concept used to protest the appropriation of natural resources for private exploitation. The artists responded to the commons with a focus on the social and ecological challenges we face today and how these link to complex histories of ownership and land enclosure. Re-situating this project in the Swedish context opens up other histories and practices of commoning. On the Saturday 26th of August Celsius projects invites the public to explore these ideas further through the Swedish practice of the ‘knytkalas.’

With support from:

Celsius Projects, Celsiusgatan 45, 212 14 Malmö