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Carnival of Cups

Performances, Carnival Ceremony & Auction & Tombola exhibition raising money for Palestine
April 2024

Artists performing : 
Claus Haxholm 
Alma Söderberg
Prins Zonder Carnaval  
Vilde Blom  
Trick & Dunce (Francis Patrick Brady & Albin Werle)

CARNIVAL OF CUPS marked the start of the Celsius Project's new program arranged by Janneke Schoene, Elísabet Anna Kristjánsdóttir and Francis Patrick Brady.

We began the year with a two-day long carnival event with performances by eight artists open up the exhibition space with music, stories, dance, sculptures and images. All of which relate to the theme of a carnival of sharing, a reversal of roles, an exchange, an overflowing of community, a cup that runneth over.

Alongside the performance program we presented a pop-up exhibition showing works by many artists who have previously exhibited at Celsius Projects over the past five years. These artworks were presented in a salon hanging style and most will be auctioned off or part of a tombola. We raised over 50,000 sek that went to The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRAW). 

Thanks to generous donations of the following artists : 
Jamila Drott, Christofer Degrér, Jon Ek, Anna Kinbom, Johan F Karlsson, Patrik Aarnivaara, Filip Vest, Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski, Karolina Brobäck, Matilde Westavik Gaustad, Laura Yuile, Jonas Malmberg, Hedda Hørran, Mattias Eliasson, Joana Pereira, Johan Lundin, Karin Granstrand, Simen Godtfredsen, Laura Böök, Kah Bee Chow, Johan Nahoj Lundqwist, Salka Hellbacka, Sara Sjölin, Ellinor Lager, Julia Selin, Albin Werle, Max Ockborn, Lena Bergendahl, Francis Patrick Brady, Elísabet Anna Kristjánsdóttir, Annie Eliasson, Moa Gustafsson, Una Hamilton Helle, Ingrid Furre, Samaneh Roghani, Erlend Rødsten, Sixten Hatfield, Richard Krantz

With support from:

Celsius Projects, Celsiusgatan 45, 212 14 Malmö