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Competition, Antagonism, Tests, Athletic skill

11th October 2019

Nils Elvebakk  Skalegård
Áron Birtalan
Gisa Pantel
Anne-Sofie Overgaard

(Francis Patrick Brady & Andrea Francke)


Competition, Antagonism, Tests, Athletic skill

To lift a consensus, to break reality, to struggle against, to throw rules into question or to reinforce them through repetition. It is a backdrop and a place where the divination of just and righteous acts are settled through the proxy of violence, an enactment of skill and chance that tests the properties of a thing and decides a temporary winner. AGON is an orderly destruction, a temporary veil of order; it’s crunch time.
Are you the teammate or the opponent, The cheater or the spoilsport?

Winning is not about destruction of the loser but about placing a newly formed hegemony into place; that can run counter to an existing, and more real, kind of hegemony. The institutions of life often contain the serious play of agonism; counting the players as opponents and teammates. Is it possible to break the game that is being played without becoming a heretic and a spoilsport?


1. Gisa Pantel - la vache qui rit
Box wine, wine bottles, inkjet print on
paper (Ltd. edition 50pcs)

2. FRAND (FR&ND) - DOHL & DOHLcare,
Roleplaying cardgame, Special Launch
price (see bar for more details)

3. Áron Birtalan - Distance Should Not be a
Sign-up sheet for emails, ongoing email

4. Nils Elvebakk Skalegård - fem minuter
An exhibition made in five minutes

5. Anne-Sofie Overgaard - Zero player
Wool yarn

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